Why Us?

Your growth partner who truly understands Glocalization

Unlock your brand’s potential with the power of Glocalization.

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Why ExpandNow?

We’re not just another Merchant of Record. We’re a game-changer.

Experience the shortest time-to-revenue with our flexible, and configurable implementation patterns. Our competitive pricing advantage keeps brands with us as they scale.

We believe in knowledge-driven innovation, staying ahead in a dynamic sector. We’re partners in your success, crafting pricing models that drive profitability.

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What sets us apart?

We stand out with our unrivalled expertise in glocalized ecommerce solutions, providing seamless cross-border transactions and unparalleled support for international expansion.

Unparalleled flexibility

Our setup is incredibly adaptable, ensuring a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with client preferences – it's all about finding the 'right-fit' for your needs.

Our “Glocalized” approach

Experience the benefits of glocalization. Our approach seamlessly blends global strategies with localized tactics, resulting in sales amplification up by five times.

Shortest time-to-revenue

Say goodbye to lengthy wait times. With our plug-and-play setup, you'll start seeing returns in weeks, not months, ensuring the shortest time to revenue in the market.

Competitive pricing advantage

Our pricing model stands out as the most competitive, incentivizing brands to not only join but also stay with us as they scale their business, maximizing their growth potential.

Knowledge-driven innovation

Leading our industry, we're dedicated to trailblazing innovation and implementing solutions that propel us forward in an ever-evolving environment.

Partnership in success

We're more than just a service provider; we invest in your future by crafting pricing models that actively contribute to driving your profitability forward.

We believe
in Glocalization

Glocalization refers to the strategy of adapting global online business practices to suit local markets. It involves combining elements of global standardization with localization to meet the specific needs, preferences, and cultural nuances of different regions or countries


Translate and adapt website content, product descriptions, and marketing materials.


Support local payment methods and display prices in the local currency.


Tailor shipping options, delivery times, and return policies.


Offer customer service in the local language through preferred channels.


Provide relevant products and adjust inventory based on demand.


Adapt and comply with the law and regulations of each country.

Glocalization for merchants

Why is Glocalization important for merchants looking to grow?

While the concept of glocalization may appear daunting and entail significant investments in time, resources, and costs initially, its return on investment (ROI) ultimately surpasses the initial expenditure.

  • Provides access to a broader target market
  • Expands potential customer base indefinitely.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Improves conversion rates.
  • Helps in building stronger brand loyalty

Join us and revolutionize your international ecommerce sales with our glocalization expertise.