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Merchant of Record providers

At ExpandNow we are a glocalized  Merchant of Record provider and solution that helps merchants improve cross-border and international ecommerce sales. A lot.

merchant of record provider

Our mission

As merchant of record providers we unlock international markets, increasing brands’ revenue and profitability, and improving customer experience through our simple, cost-effective and innovative solutions for cross border and international glocalized ecommerce.

We focus on providing a Merchant of Record solution to improve your international cross-border eccomerce sales.

Merchant of record

Our vision

Glocalized Ecommerce Made Simple.

The core values behind our work


We honor commitments, acting with honesty and transparency in all that we do. We inspire trust.


Finding solutions, adapting individually and as a business to the needs of our clients. We make it easier.


We motivate, we persevere, and we stay determined to achieve lasting success. We strive for excellence.

Client Centric

We are dedicated to helping our clients thrive through excellent customer experience. We get you there.

One Team

Working in harmony across our business, collaborating with our clients and partners. Together, we are one.


Meet the team

Thomas is a tech-savvy innovator and global ecommerce expert who excels at merging technology and business. As the brains behind ExpandNow, he's making global e-commerce hassle-free. His expertise in blending tech and trade is simplifying global expansion for all brands. Thomas is driven to revolutionize e-commerce.

Daniel champions accessibility and clarity in ecommerce for businesses of all sizes, guiding multinational giants like Microsoft, Decathlon, Smeg, and Carrefour in crafting impactful digital strategies. With expertise in MoR, he forges global partnerships for accelerated growth and global expansion.

Daniel Viniegra

Chief Partnerships Officer & Co-founder

Roger specializes in aligning business and technology objectives for large-scale programs. With extensive experience in PMO setup and agile transformations, he drives innovation while ensuring cost control. Expert at negotiation, he prioritizes talent development and champions IT automation for success.

With over a decade of expertise, Patrick excels in implementing top-tier global ecommerce solutions. His track record includes driving success for renowned brands by optimizing platforms, payments, and logistics. Reputable for his operational prowess, Patrick is pivotal in revolutionizing logistics operations.

Patrick McCarthy

Director of Client Solutions

Roberta leverages vast expertise spanning ecommerce, fashion, luxury, cosmetics, and beyond. With a steadfast focus on marketing, branding, and strategy, she thrives in dynamic settings. Her strategic leadership ensures every department is empowered with premium tools and resources, driving company triumph.

Roberta Mantovani

Marketing Director

Luis boasts a robust history of achievement in ecommerce operations and development. His adept supervision has led to the successful establishment of e-stores for prestigious brands such as MotoGP and Venca. Renowned for his acute understanding of client requirements, he excels in guiding diverse teams towards the delivery of top-tier projects.

Luis Miguel Sales

Digital Project Manager

ExpandNow's Global Head of Sales is a strategic expert in global market expansion, blending technology with international commerce dynamics. With deep insights into global sales trends, he's driving the company's mission to democratize ecommerce. Under his leadership, they're launching a game-changing "Glocalized ecommerce model" for seamless international transactions.

To be revealed

Global Head of Sales

As ExpandNow's CTO, he's a leading figure in the MoR industry, driving innovation at the forefront. His upcoming "Glocalized e-commerce model" aims to revolutionize cross-border transactions, set to launch in Q2 2024. With his guidance, ExpandNow is poised to simplify global commerce, connecting brands with consumers effortlessly.

To be revealed

Chief Technology Officer

Leading ExpandNow's product innovation is a seasoned Merchant-of-Record expert, driving entrepreneurial innovation and crafting advanced MoR tech platforms. His vision birthed ExpandNow’s pioneering "Glocalized ecommerce model," simplifying international sales for brands of all sizes.

To be revealed

Chief Product Officer

Work with us

As a renowned Merchant of Record provider, we lead the way in global sales solutions. Are you driven, skilled, and passionate about international ecommerce? Join our dynamic teams spanning the globe!

Merchant of record providers

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